This is not the official website of the Archer Inquiry.  The official site has now been passed to leading contaminated blood product campaigners Carol Grayson and Colette Wintle and can be found at  Their official site contains unique original material including the transcripts from the Inquiry Hearings. In contrast, this site aims gather together publicly available materials related to the Archer Inquiry to help anyone who wants to understand the wider context.  lord-archer-of-sandwell-qc-001









The Archer Inquiry on NHS Supplied Contaminated Blood and Blood Products was announced by the Rt Hon Lord Morris of Manchester on  19 February 2007.

The Archer Independent Public Inquiry and Report was a response to successive Governments declining to establish a Public Inquiry into infections and deaths caused by NHS treatment with blood and blood products containing the hepatitis C  virus and/or HIV. Their view was articulated succinctly by, among others, Lord Warner the Minister of State at the Department of Health who said in answer to a question on 12 January 2006:1

We do not consider that a Public Inquiry is justified as we do not believe that any new light will be shed on this issue as a result.

The Rt Hon Lord Morris of Manchester therefore concluded that an Inquiry, independent of both Government and the affected people themselves, was required. It was at his request that the Rt Hon Lord Archer of Sandwell, assisted by an Independent Inquiry Panel, produced the Archer Report.

Terms of Reference

To investigate the circumstances surrounding the supply to patients of contaminated NHS blood and blood products; its consequences for the haemophilia community and others afflicted, and further steps to address both their problems and needs and those of bereaved families.

This website has been constructed by some of those who have campaigned on behalf of those affected.  It aims to provide a dispassionate record of the work of the Inquiry as a resource for all those interested in the contaminated blood disaster and the associated campaign.